Writer: Timothy Dumont Jr.
Co-writer: Crystal Ferguson

Monday, February 22, 2010

Entry 72: Who? -Crystal-

Only a few weeks ago, I was here at this schoolyard. This new me was taking some time to get used to, along with the new knowledge and intelligence. My thoughts seemed more clear, but there was so much to sift through. I was still grateful though. Nick had given me another chance at life; a new beginning.

The others were completely surprised that I had returned. More surprised by the age I returned as. It took a while to explain to them who I was and how I came back, but I left Nick out of it. Unexplained rebirth was my excuse.

Nick had disappeared soon after I had started administering first aid to the person who I now know is Jay. The others realized Jay was alive and quickly assisted me to help him. They didn't even ask who I was until we had made sure that Jay would be all right. We had to bring him to the hospital, and that is where he has been for the past two days.

The zombie children had turned into dust and winds during the night had swept the remains away, leaving only our blood splatters and Vincent.

As I walked toward the bushes, I reached into my pocket and squeezed my still favorite bear.

"So, it's over here somewhere?", John jogged ahead a little bit.

"Yeah, somewhere in the bushes." My words faded off as I fell deep into thought.

How would I explain this to my Daddy? What would I say?

"Hey, Daddy."

"Oh, I've aged a bit since you last saw me."

"You wouldn't believe what I've been through."

What would he say? He'd be unbelieving. I'm having trouble believing it myself.

John emerged from the bushes, his hat on his head. We began walking back out of the schoolyard in silence. It seemed as though John wanted to ask me something.

"What is it?"

John looked at the moon, "So, your dad . . . "

"I'm not sure. I've been given this life and now I don't know what to do with it. I have no direction. I have no family. I'm unable to understand my purpose, because I didn't have one before." One of the things I enjoy about having this extra knowledge is the ability to express my thoughts easier.

John was silent for almost five minutes. It was late, but he didn't want to wait to get his hat. I didn't mind. Since I had been aged, I've found that I enjoy the cool night air.

I love my new hair. It's so long and blond, just like I've always wanted. My whole body was pretty much just the way I would have wanted it. I guess that's all my soul’s doing. I'm beginning to like my soul.

"If you stay with us, I can't promise you'll be safe. I will say that you'll have a place, and in time, I'm sure you'll figure out what to do."

"Thanks.", I guess that would do for now.

A limo drove up and stopped, its passenger side window in front of John. The window rolled down a bit and a hand reached out, holding a slip of paper. John took it and the car drove away.

"What does it say?", I hadn't lost my curiosity.

John looked at where the card had gone, "It says, Jay can't do it but you can. Find, Nicholas Brown. Signed, P.B."

I kept my mouth shut.

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  1. It flows together in the end here, so good job there.
    And I like how you snuck in a new case to come. Can't wait to see it started!

    And how is it that you're able to put it into my perspective so damn well? =o