Writer: Timothy Dumont Jr.
Co-writer: Crystal Ferguson

Ben Wiltshire

After finding a book in an abandoned house, his life has since got even more crazy than it was before. Before all he had to deal with was surviving the insults thrown around by his peers, now he's trying to survive possession and being overrun by underage zombies. If that stress wasn't enough, he learned something from his past that makes him question his own intentions.

Ben believes that inside him lies a murderous evil that passes from family member to family member, and because of this he constantly questions his own motives and actions.

He's found his place as the leader of the group and has since been made to make tough choices with lives hanging in the balance.

Even though he is tortured by his past, he's still able to hold himself together during even the most tense of situations.

Ben's intelligence is his strongest characteristic, even though sometimes he can miss the most important details.

Favorite pastime: Staying alive, Investigating strange phenomenon.
Greatest fear: Losing control of himself.
Reason for Paranormal investigation: Curiosity.
Talents: Leadership, Strategy, and Investigation
Looks: Average height and slightly chubby. Wears glasses and has a friendly face. Has brown hair and very laid back fashion sense.

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