Writer: Timothy Dumont Jr.
Co-writer: Crystal Ferguson

Friday, February 19, 2010

Entry 60: Flaws in human thought -Ben-

John had pulled himself to his feet and Carl had gotten over to them. All three of them were barely holding back the horde of zombies as they piled forward. I glanced away from the window and at Jay who hadn't spoken.

"Jay, our friends are not going to make it unless you help me."

"Do you know Alex?"

What a weird question. "I've heard some about him. He's your friend who died."

Jay pushed himself up, "He's my friend who died to save a whole town of people. He's the only person to treat me like a person. He didn't like me, but he never got needlessly anger or completely ignored me."

Jay stood and walked over to the window and pointed outside, "Them, they completely act as though I don't contribute anything. I try so hard to get them to, but it works almost never. When Alex died it only got worse. They threw themselves into their work. Used my skills and then completely ignored me over and over. Whenever something bad happens, I'm the one they choose to blame."

"What does this have to do with the situation?"

"Alex needs to come back. If Alex came back then maybe everything would be okay. I wouldn't be ignored. I took the herbs because I can use them to get Alex back. I'm still going to. Nothing would change my mind."

I'd had enough. I was beginning to understand why everyone got mad at Jay. He was so thick headed, "You stupid-little-whiny-baby." I walked over to him and put my face close to his, "Right now, Carl and John are out there fighting for us! They are working as hard as they can to end this all, and you are up here with the key to end this all, whining about how they ignore you, and don't care about what you contribute!"

Jay was silent, but I wasn't done. "Alex gave his life to save everyone who he cared about, including you and the others. How can you insult his sacrifice by not helping them survive? If I were Alex and I came back at the cost of the people I had tried to save, I would kill you! Look. Look outside!"

I grabbed Jay and pulled him to the window to look outside. "There you go. The people Alex saved. In such trouble that it's unsure whether they'll make it!"

Jay pulled from my grasp and pushed me back. The wall stopped my fall. "What else am I supposed to do?! How can I continue if I'm ignored?", he points to his bloody nose, "This was given to me for barely any reason! What am I supposed to do?"

Sometimes violence does solve things. So I swung, and missed. Jay deftly slipped under my swing and caught me under the jaw. The world spun as I began to drop.

"You want to help them? You'll have to take the herbs from me." Great. I had spoken a good game, but fighting wasn't my forte. I slowly pulled myself to my feet.

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