Writer: Timothy Dumont Jr.
Co-writer: Crystal Ferguson

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Entry 56: Taking charge -Ben-

Being stuck in the bathroom with Jay and Carl is not my idea of fun. Being stuck in the bathroom with them ready to tear out each others throats is horrible. Being stuck in a bathroom with Jay and Carl while hundreds of zombie children try to get in to wreck some grade school vengeance on us just makes me angry.

"Just a little research and we would have known that there would be hundreds upon hundreds of little zombie kiddies that would try to kill us if we went into their lair." Carl just wouldn't let it die. Even under these circumstances he was letting his anger control him.

"The research didn't say any thing about this. I had no idea." Jay was sputtering to defend himself.

Was I the only one worried about the tykes right outside the door? I pulled my book out from behind me and began flipping through the pages. Maybe within the book there was some kind of information that would help.

What Luck?! It appears Wilson delved into supernatural creatures as well. I ignored the words scribbled on the sides and quickly read the page.

That's when it hit me: The thing that Jay had put in his pocket. It had to be the herbs. He must have picked them up as he was trying to escape. I was almost about to mention it when I saw Carl. If I were to mention this now, Carl will kill him. I had to get Carl out of here.

I stood and began pacing; my mind racing. There had to be a way, but right now the only way out was a window that opened to the front of the house, and being two stories up . . . it was going to be difficult getting down. Damn it! How would I get Carl out of here?



"Your brother is out there somewhere and is definitely in need of some help. If you could climb out this window you could get to him."

"Yeah, no."

"But it's your brother!"

"Haven't you seen any Zombie movies? They've probably turned him all ready."

"Did they try to bite you?"

"No. Okay, so he might still be alive, but after I get out there to help him, what do I do? I mean, there's hundreds of preschool ghouls out there."

He was right. There was no way that I could persuade him to go out there with out a way of getting rid of these children. I stared out the window deep in thought, and that's when I saw the most unusual sight.

One of the zombie children was fighting off the other children zombies. The small girl was defending John and doing a rather good job. Then it clicked. I knew how to get Carl out of here so I could talk to Jay and it all rested with the book in my hands.

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