Writer: Timothy Dumont Jr.
Co-writer: Crystal Ferguson

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Entry 73: Saba Zahid -Ben-

My doorbell rang at four in the morning. After the events of the past three days, I enjoyed my sleep and having it interrupted put me in a grumpy mood. The darkness in the hallway caused my foot to catch itself on the rug and for me to yell out in pain.

The person outside switched from the doorbell to pounding on the door. The sound riveted through my skull like a jackhammer. I heard the others waking up as I opened the door.

No sooner had I opened it, when a young, dark haired woman came rushing in. Her olive colored skin and dark eyes gave away her Arabic ancestry. Her movements showed hints of royalty while containing a kind of forced cuteness. She pushed the door shut with her back and then leaped into my arms.

"Finally!", she pushed herself closer against me; successfully making me feel even more uncomfortable.

"Um-", I tried to push her back with my palms, "mind telling me who you are?"

John, Carl, and Crystal’s gasped as they conveniently entered the room at that moment.

"Good for you Ben!", Carl said, looking the young female up and down.

"No, no . . . this isn't . . . " Worst. Night. Ever.

"He needs a woman's touch.", John smiled as he noticed Crystal's scowl, "What? You're one of the guys. We can barely call you a woman."

To my relief, the young lady stepped back and looked at the group of people standing there. "That must be your maid?", she pointed to Crystal, "And your cook and . . . one of the ugliest butlers I have ever seen." She pointed at John and Carl successively.

Crystal got an offensive look, and both John and Carl stepped forward menacingly; ready to disprove her words. To avoid any kind of problems I had to interrupt fast, "So what are you here for?"

She turned to me and got a wide eyed look, "My name is Saba Zahid and I need your help, Benjamin Ashford. I'm being hunted by a terrible beast."

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