Writer: Timothy Dumont Jr.
Co-writer: Crystal Ferguson

Saturday, February 20, 2010

Entry 67: Zombified -Jay-

This is just great. My day can't get any worse. First, I realize that my actions had been a mistake. Now, I'm struggling to get out of the grip of a powerful Snake Goddess. Why doesn't fate just let my friends show up suddenly and make it a complete failure? That would be when I heard my name yelled. It was John.

They knew. They knew. They knew. They were going to kill me. Wait, why were they here? The snake squeezed a bit which brought my mind to more urgent matters. We had entered its lair and I could smell dead flesh everywhere. It kind of reminded me of a warm meat locker. The Goddess lifted me above her head and tossed me to the ground. I slid a bit and then stood. I couldn't see anything. I swung wildly but only hit air. The Goddess was moving; I could hear it. I was hit from behind and fell on my face.

This was bad. The snake could see while I could not. I was alone, fighting an old Goddess with my bare hands, and had backup that probably wanted me dead. I tried to set my thoughts on survival; fight the snake, it's all you can do. Fight the snake, John is going to be pissed. I decided that was good enough and I kicked out toward the sound.

I must have done something right, because I connected hard with the Goddess and heard a surprised hiss. I moved closer and got another hit with my fist on rock. Pain coursed up my arms and I yelled out. To my dismay, Carl returned my yell. They were getting closer. I had to hurry.

The Goddess took advantage of my distraction to push me to the floor and press her weight on me. I was going to die. I could feel her head getting closer and smell her awful breath. Damn it, Alex. I couldn't get you back and I neglected your friends lives. Please don't hurt me?

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