Writer: Timothy Dumont Jr.
Co-writer: Crystal Ferguson

Monday, February 1, 2010

Entry 50: A disaster -Ben-

Today was not a very good day. We barely got out of there alive and it's all Jay's fault. If only he'd told us of its abilities and done some research; maybe we'd have been prepared.

Getting to the Snake Goddess lair was easy. It was an abandoned railroad tunnel a few miles from my home. It must run all the way underneath my town, because the dark was suffocating and there was no light in the distance. Luckily we all had flashlights, but even with flashlights, we still had trouble making our way to where we needed to be. A hole in the side of the tunnel, big enough for a minivan, lead into a series of caverns.

Jay became instantly nervous as we continued to climb through the caverns. Carl got in a fight with John, and all because John wasn't letting him be the head of the group. If only we had been quieter. At that moment our flashlights went out and noises started filling the area.

I heard Carl shout for all of us to get out and I was all too eager to oblige. I heard John's objection get cut off and a loud thump. Jay was nowhere to be heard. I assumed that he had gotten out all ready; stupid coward. Small hands grabbed my legs and yanked me down to the dirt. I fought against them and found my foot connecting with a soft resistance. I heard bones snap and felt a cool fluid spill over my leg. More hands grabbed me, some of them slightly warm, but most stone cold. Their grip was extremely strong and restricting.

Some distance away I heard Carl yell and a reply from John.

They were getting farther away.

I panicked and tried to fight my way out, but the arms were too strong. A loud hissing noise filled my ears as I realized that they weren't leaving me behind. I was being dragged away. I could have sworn I heard footsteps to my right, and I thought I saw the light from a cigarette lighter but I'm unsure. Just then, the arms were yanked off me and I heard yells in the dark as I was flung over a shoulder.

My savior had been John. He had been slightly overwhelmed but had escaped. Realizing that Carl was too busy and that I was being taken, he ran over to help. John and I broke in to the sunlight outside of the tunnel and collapsed on the ground. Carl appeared after; soon followed by Jay.

"Children. Those were freakin' children." Carl was out of breath.

I looked down at my leg and saw that it was covered with reddish brown fluid that had specks of pink through-out it. I lost my lunch all over the ground.

Carl turned on Jay, who was patting his pocket with a small smile on his face; screaming about not doing enough research and how we barely got out of there alive. Oddly enough this didn't effect Jay much. He just frowned and apologized. There wasn't much more speaking as we continued home.

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