Writer: Timothy Dumont Jr.
Co-writer: Crystal Ferguson

Carl Miller

Motivated by his need to keep his friends alive, Carl has been training almost to the point of exhaustion. He is the strongest person in the group and has the most effective fighting skills out of everyone. The death of Alex, an old friend, has left him conflicted about whether he could have done anything to save him or Alex's feelings about him since he hadn't.

Carl becomes easily angered if someone puts his friends in any kind of needless danger, especially if one of them gets hurt. When angered his first reaction is usually to resort to violence.

His immense strength and toughness is the direct result of a fairy curse that was put on him at a young age. The fairy that put the curse on him is a constant issue and worry, because of its attachment to him despite their separation soon after the curse was placed on him.

He feels directly responsible for anything the fairy has done since it left him. He has made it his personal goal to stop the fairy one day.

Favorite pastime: Training, Playing guitar.
Greatest fear: John dying.
Reason for Paranormal investigation: Vengeance.
Talents:  Hand to Hand combat and various weapons.
Looks: Long black hair with blonde roots, Tall and skinny yet muscular.

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