Writer: Timothy Dumont Jr.
Co-writer: Crystal Ferguson

Saturday, October 17, 2009

Entry 1: It all started today . . . -Ben-

A phone ring started it all. Alfred Nordmen had a problem; recently some college kids had broken into one of the buildings on his property and there was a crazy accident that left most of them dead. The ones that survived claimed to have been attacked by a young woman. The ones that didn't died from the advance stages of measles. The police investigation came up empty and something about these deaths seemed odd, so Alfred called me.

My name is Benjamin Wiltshire and I am a Paranormal Investigator. I document and study the strange and unknown. I've always been fascinated with the supernatural, so I decided to start a business of studying it, of either disproving its existence or getting it documented.

When I finally got to talk to the students, I was told of a rumor. It's what made them go up to the house in the first place. It's rumored that a long time ago a woman died of measles in that house leaving her 2 year old daughter to starve.

As I waited for Alfred to fax the address of the house I packed my EMF detector, a tape recorder and a camera into my backpack. The EMF detector is used to perceive electromagnetic fields thought to be generated by supernatural entities. However, I find this method to be inconclusive as the results can be affected by and electronics in the area, but due to the location of the house I felt it would come in handy.

The fax revealed the house to be deep in the woods just off an old dirt road that isn't used anymore. As I walked down the road my excitement was mounting. I had never been investigating something this haunted. I wasn't a very experienced Paranormal Investigator.

The house was very old and falling apart. My first observation was how inherently creepy the house was; from the broken windows to the creaky wood. The windows seemed to be staring at me as though waiting for me to go inside; like it was waiting to be fed.

The inside was covered in dust and cobwebs, save for the footsteps of the college students. The house held a silence etched with evil that I could feel. Putting down my pack, I pulled out the recorder and began recording. I clearly stated the time and the date, and then pulled out the camera.

It took a few moments to set camera up and all the while I couldn't shake the feeling that someone was looking at me. Upon completion I turned quickly just in time to see a trap door leading to what I had assumed was the basement shut close. The noise startled me so much that I dropped the bag. The loud crack that followed told me that the EMF would be of no use here tonight.

I grabbed the tape recorder and made my way into the basement, the whole time calling out to the person who had closed the door. Flicking on my flashlight I sent the light across the dark basement. The stone walled room was completely empty.

Flipping open my notebook I documented what I had seen. It was at the moment that I heard my camera upstairs fall over and crash to the floor. In an attempt to check on my equipment I pushed on the door, only to find that it wouldn't budge. The camera must have fallen on the door and somehow wedged it closed.

Shining my flashlight around the room again I noticed something that I had not noticed before; a small cabinet against the far wall. Making my way over to it I opened the door. Laying on the top shelf was a small leather bound book, its edges crumpled. The old book felt cold as I picked it up and began to flip through the pages.

My find having satisfied me, I climbed out of the basement through a small window and retrieved my camera and bag. My adventures with that house weren't over . . . I'd be back after some research and careful examination of my recordings. I also wanted to figure out exactly what this book was.

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