Writer: Timothy Dumont Jr.
Co-writer: Crystal Ferguson

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Entry 52: Dealing with the lost -Carl-

Did I ever tell you how stupid Jay is?

If I haven't . . . I will now. Jay is stupid. He may have the ability to find a person’s history, but when it comes to coherent thought . . . he's just not able. He's the reason we went to that snake pit, and he's the reason that we are now locked in Ben's bathroom, with no idea what happened to John. I am so tempted to just throw him outside to those lifeless kids.

It all started the night after we got back from the Minoan Snake Goddess’ lair. We all were completely exhausted, and all I wanted to do was sit down outside and smoke. I usually do that to calm down and relax. How ever, tonight was less relax and more run.

So I was sitting, looking out into the night, when I heard a rustling in the bushes to my right. It startled me a bit but it was probably a stray cat. I had no sooner looked away, and out of the bushes leaped what seemed to be a small child. Not to tarnish my image but that kid looked freaky.

It was a blonde haired girl not older than 7. Her hair was in knots. Her face, arms, and legs were covered with so much dirt that I couldn't tell what color her skin was. She wore coveralls and a pink T-shirt. Stuck to her shirt was a ripped sticker that read, "Hi, My name is: Crystal Ferguson." She was making an odd, raspy, growling sound as she stumbled toward me.

"Are you all right?" Of course she wasn't all right, but now what?

"Do you want to come inside? Maybe we can call your mother?" It was then when I noticed some more growling to my left. Another child. This time a young boy was ambling over toward me. This boy had serious injuries; half of his head was caved in by what looked to be a boot. These weren't children, they were zombies; and judging by the new kids name tag . . . his name was Peter Campbell.

In a rush I turned and attempted to reach the door, but Crystal leaped and grabbed the back of my hair. (Sometimes long hair ISN'T cool.) She grabbed at my neck with her fingers, her unusual strength stopping me from screaming out. I felt small hands grab my legs as Peter yanked me to the ground. The night exploded with noise as children appeared from all directions.

I grabbed Crystal’s hands and yanked them off of my neck. Peter began pulling me off the porch as the other children traveled closer. I threw Crystal off, kicked Peter away and ran for the door. I slammed the door behind me and as Ben, Jay, and John came from their respective areas of the house, I began blocking off the front door with any kind of furniture there was.

"What is going on?" Ben was the first to ask, but my attention immediately went to Jay.

"Do you remember those children that almost whooped our asses back at the cavern? Well, they've come back for revenge. I wonder why we didn't-", I emphasized my next point with my fist, "kill them when we had the chance."

Jay was completely shocked. He clutched his bloody nose with one hand and swung a weak fist, which I slid away from easily. "Maybe if we had-", my knee to his gut brought him to his knees, "done a little research."

That's when all Hell broke loose. Turns out I didn't put enough furniture in front of the door, because the children burst on through, stampeding in to all of us. I pummeled in to Jay, carrying him clear up the stairs with Ben and John soon behind. I had just opened the bathroom door when I heard a yell and turned to watch John pulled into the horde of zombie kids, and it doesn't take extensive knowledge of zombie movies to know what happened to him. Ben shut the door behind him and we put the cabinet in the way. I glanced at Jay with a scowl and we all slumped onto the floor. Stupid Jay.

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