Writer: Timothy Dumont Jr.
Co-writer: Crystal Ferguson

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Special Entry 57: Crazy Hat Guy -Crystal-

(The events in this post happened before Crystal was kidnapped by the Snake Goddess and were discovered after the relatively successful escape plan hatched by Ben. Ben was the person who decided to place it here.)

"Before we found out about her sickness we were working on building her skills so she could be successful when she grows up." My Daddy was talking to a guy with a really crazy hat.

"And now that she won't live for more than a few more months, you want to give her a life that she will enjoy . . . so you're trying to buy my hat, why?" Crazy Hat Guy seemed very hesitant to sell his hat. I kind of liked him. He was nice and you should have seen his hair! (He-he.)

I was peeking around the corner of the doorway, watching my Daddy as he spoke. I love my Daddy, he always wants to give me the best of everything. About four weeks ago I had seen that guy in the newspaper and knew instantly that I wanted his hat. I think I got my Daddy mad at me with how many times I asked him. He always said no. He said that it wasn't a "productive" buy. I don't even know what productive means. I guess my pestering finally got through because he's rushing to buy it now.

"I was not born rich. I was born poor and had to work for my money. The best and most memorable moments of my life was when I was poor. Before she . . . I just want her to have a taste of what living truly is. I want her to have friends and build connections with things around her. I can't do that if I have enough money to just buy another one for her."

"I know what you mean. So you're giving me 3 million dollars so that you can give your daughter a real life, and you chose me because this hat caught her eye? Sounds- like you have the money to choose another option." I smiled at the Crazy Hat Guy. He smiled back.

"What I do with my money is my business, I want to buy your hat to give her a more amazing life; at least what's left of it. After she passes, I'll give you back the hat if you'd like and you can keep the 3 million, but please; let me give her something before I lose her forever."

The Crazy Hat Guy was silent for what seemed like forever, and then he stood up and walked over to me. He knelt down and looked me in the eye. As he watched me look at him, his face changed from hesitation to sadness, and then he lift the hat off of his head and placed it on mine. I almost squealed with happiness! I had the hat! So happy!

"I want it back after she's . . . I just want it back, all right? If I don't get it back, then I'm keeping the money until I do." He was looking at me but talking to my Daddy.

I gripped the hat on my head as he smiled. "And you. You take care of that hat for me. It means a lot to me. So promise me to take care of it, and it's yours."

"I will protect it with my life."

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