Writer: Timothy Dumont Jr.
Co-writer: Crystal Ferguson

Friday, February 19, 2010

Entry 65: Friendship -John-

When I saw her fall I got really mad. She had fought against her own kind just to save my life. I don't know why she'd done it, but this was not how she was supposed to go. My anger exploded in the form of an axe in to a zombie’s head. We were losing but we were taking as many of them down as we could. Carl was to my left, cutting anything that wasn't me and moved.

I knew she was going to die all ready, but any death would have been better than the one she'd had. I would fight until my last breath and I'd take as many of these little creeps as I could. If I survived, I'd find that snake. The zombies were slowing down, weary of being batted back with the blade of an axe. I watched her pull those creatures off me. I saw the recognition in her face. I saw the steely bravery in her eyes as she turned to protect me. I saw the axe rip through her like butter.

"HARRRAAAUUUGH!", I yelled at the zombie I had just cut in half; and I'm not meaning horizontally. Carl was fighting the zombie with equal fervor, but we both knew we were losing. Our last stand. At least Jay and Ben would survive.

"HEY!", Ben yelled out the window, "Jay has the herbs and is escaping! The herbs will stop all this! He planned this whole thing to resurrect Alex!"

Stupid Jay. Stupid zombies. Stupid snake. I fought off more zombies with my axe to release all of my pent up aggression. It was at that moment when we all heard the scream, and at that moment everything froze. Jay.

Carl stopped. I stopped. Surprisingly, the zombies stopped. Carl and I looked at each other, "Jay."

We ran toward the sound.

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  1. Nice I like the Story so fare write more read the entire thing so far great. I'm like the antagonist of the story want to read what happens to me next.