Writer: Timothy Dumont Jr.
Co-writer: Crystal Ferguson

Sunday, February 21, 2010

Entry 70: Anger to 3rd power -John-

Jay fell on top of me, his body limp and unmoving. His eyes were glazed over and the wound was bleeding profusely. My mind went blank and the world pulled away. Pain in the depth of my chest exploded, flowing over my entire body, leaving it numb.

Jay was gone. The sound of his blood hitting the floor was the only sound I heard. I laid Jay on to the ground and stood, gripping my axe tighter, the wood biting into my hand. Sadness mixed with anger, forming hate. The deepest hate I'd felt since Alex died. This was the second friend I'd lost because of these damn creatures. They had both tried to save me. They had both succeeded but the price was too high. My mind had broken. There was nothing left but the anger. The furious hate that seethed from every inch of my being.

The world came rushing back as I slammed my axe into the belly of the very confused snake. It cried out in pain and slithered backwards. It wasn't moving fast enough. My axe found flesh again and another cry was made. It was headed for the entrance, but Carl was too fast for it. He slid in the way and landed a spin kick in its face.

I leaped, raising the axe above my head and brought it down with such righteous anger, that the Snake Goddess was no longer a Snake Goddess. She was a corpse.


  1. Crappy excuse for a goddess if you ask me.

  2. Well, It's main power rested in creating the minions.