Writer: Timothy Dumont Jr.
Co-writer: Crystal Ferguson

Nick Brown

Nick Brown is a 77 year old and probably one of the most powerful warlocks alive. The only problem is he doesn't remember 59 of those years because of a spell he cast on himself, which also de-aged him to 18. The loss of memory has not lessened his power, it only restricted him to low class spells because he can't remember the more powerful ones.

Before he cast the spell he did a large amount of questionable actions, and his past history is pocket-marked with murder, deceit, and dark magics. His actions had significant effect on several people in the team, namely the resurrection of both Vincent, and Crystal. As such, trust is an issue between him and most of the team, though Carl and Ben seem to be fine with him as long as he pulls his own weight.

His magics are a valuable addition to the team, and the only problem is his willingness to do what ever it takes to achieve a goal, or to keep people safe. Despite all this, Nick has proven himself to be an honest and good person.

Favorite Pastimes: Mathematics, and coffee.
Greatest fear: Bugs.
Talents: Magic and Magical Knowledge
Reason for Paranormal Investigation: A note he wrote to himself told him too.
Looks: Tall, Black hair, piercing eyes and a goofy smile.