Writer: Timothy Dumont Jr.
Co-writer: Crystal Ferguson

Sunday, February 21, 2010

Entry 68: Last minute -John-

I didn't know how deep we were, but that yell had come from nearby. Darkness was all around us and with out a flashlight we couldn't see much. I stepped through an arch of rock and felt the walls move out from us. We were in a cavern now. I could hear Jay's breathing as well as the Snake Goddess’ hiss.

I ran toward the sound and pulled back my fist. Snake Goddess or not, I'm the only one that can hurt my friend.

At that moment, the cavern erupted in light. From three feet above the ground an orb of light shone, its bright light splashing over the room. Jay was underneath the body of the Snake Goddess, who was moving toward the wall because of the sudden light. The Snake Goddess was almost completely snake, besides the arms just below her head. On each finger rested a gold ring and around her neck a long beaded necklace. Jay was all ready working to get free using the distraction.

I was not going to let this moment pass either. I ran toward the Snake Goddess and lifted my axe. I was too late, the Snake Goddess regained its composure and whipped its tail in to my side, sending me sprawled on the ground.

The orb of light began to pulsate and slowly change shape. The light played over everything, releasing periodic flashes.

Carl ran toward the Snake Goddess and side stepped the first tail swipe, only to be hit by the Snake's fist. Carl fell back, dropping his knife. The snake took this time to knock Carl's legs out from underneath him. By this time I was on my feet again, and so was Jay.

I ran toward the beast, the axe raised above my head. Swiftly the snake spun and opened her great jaws. My own momentum was carrying me toward it. There was no way to dodge out of the way. The foot long fangs were going to go in me, and what ever venom this creature had was going to end me.

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