Writer: Timothy Dumont Jr.
Co-writer: Crystal Ferguson

Saturday, November 28, 2009

Entry 30: We found him -Carl-

While Ben has been found, he is unable to move himself from his bed. He was found in a deep well behind the Ashford house; a well that was unnoticed by anyone till now. Why or how Benjamin ended up in there is a complete mystery. John watched as I climbed my way down in to the well.

I've seen many horrible things, but the amount of bones in there put all the creatures I've faced to shame. I could smell the death as I dropped next to Ben. He wasn't conscious. I just threw him over my shoulder and began climbing. There was more down there, but in my rush to bring Ben to safety I was unable to document any of it. We'll have to climb back down there another day, after Ben is well again.

Saturday, November 21, 2009

Entry 29: A small letter -John-

Our search through the house wasn't unproductive though. We came across the strange room with symbols on the walls and examined it. The symbols were new to us; things we haven't seen at any time during our work. Stuffed in a crack on the wall was a small piece of paper. It seemed to be a note from Dorothy to Wilson, speaking about how Wilson was going to be trapped inside this room.

We left as soon as we could after that. We may be tough, but the thought of being stuck inside that small dirty room gave us the chills.

Thursday, November 19, 2009

Entry 28: It's like he's vanished. -John-

John Miller again. It's like Benjamin had vanished. We've looked every where, even that stupid house that's causing us such trouble. I mean seriously, we've dealt with spirits before, but this house is something completely new and irritating.

Normally all it takes is a little info to banish a spirit. Spirits are wildly, emotional beings attached to the way they have died. Show them they're dead, destroy their attachment to this world, and that's it. This house though, it's like something new and different. The spirits here are of a class I've never even seen. Damn it!

My brother and I went back up to the house. Of course on the way, Carl kept saying things like, "If they've done anything to Ben . . . ", or "Those spirits are gonna pay, I was starting to like that dude." He always starts putting a tough front up when we're going into a dangerous situation, like he was steeling himself for what was to come. I keep my mouth shut as I concentrate on the task at hand. We're not there to discover any thing, just to see if Ben is there.

Of course Ben wasn't on the first floor, so we made our way to the second and that's when those retarded ghosts made their appearance. Something pushed me and Carl to the ground, scattering our flashlights across the floor. As I fell, I was lucky enough to have my finger slip on to the trigger of the camera I was holding; which gave us this picture.

He's one ugly bastard.

Any way, we didn't find Ben and it's been a whole day. I hope he's all right but I'm not gonna bank on it. In this line of work it's better to assume they're gone. I hate those Spirits.

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Entry 27: DAMN IT! -John-

Woke up this morning and knew something was up. Got that instinct from the job. Hunting the things I've been hunting sharpens your skills. Found Ben’s computer laying open on the floor with the book next to it. This isn't Ben, but I figure that you people want to be kept updated any way; so me and my brother will be posting till he can come back. I posted what he had written in the post before this one so that you can see what he was thinking. My name Johnathon Miller, and Benjamin Wiltshire . . . is missing.

Entry 26: Everything is clear -Ben-

It all makes sense; every thing is clear now. I know what spirit is haunting the house. I know why I got the book with out being hurt. I know why the kids died of the measles. It was all so simple, so clear. All I had to do was look at the facts. Each page is a clue. Each fold, each rip, each blood spatter… The room with symbols was a pri

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Entry 25: Things I could have missed -Ben-

We still haven't gone to check out this Schermerhorn guy. I don't know why, but they seem to be waiting for something. Every time I mention it they tell me not yet, or give some other excuse not to go.

I showed them the next page in the book and they examined it for what seemed like hours. It was worth it, how ever, because both of them have an eye for finding things that are out of place. The first thing they noticed were the words, "My daughter, Susan Ashford," and how they were not right. They also took turns at guessing what was written in the torn off area.

John is stuck on the theory that Wilson Ashford was a twisted guy. John believes that the writing is changing because Wilson is slowly losing his mind. At first I thought his theory was crazy, but he cited other facts from past pages which made me wonder whether he was right. He mentioned how the words kept changing into a different handwriting and how weird it was for someone to argue on paper. He mentioned about how the other writing seemed to have intimate knowledge of Wilson. Knowledge that Wilson himself would probably be the only one to know. Maybe Wilson was crazy. I'm seriously thinking that he killed his own daughter, just to ensure proof for those who found the book.