Writer: Timothy Dumont Jr.
Co-writer: Crystal Ferguson


Christina is a powerful being from the Other Lands. She was born with the ability to see things that other beings like her could not. She was considered weak physically, but combined with her sight she was still considered a powerful opponent.

She's spent her early life in an academy for "Unsigned Gods" or "Angels" along with her two close friends; Patrick, and Mardockt. They were considered the elite in their class group and often got in tussles with other students who wanted to be considered an elite. During their entire stay at the academy their status didn't change.

However, they didn't stay long, because they trespassed into a forbidden area which caused the death of a teacher and Mardockt. Something happened which caused Mardockt to come back to life as an incredibly powerful and evil entity. The entity was imprisoned, but Patrick and Christina were forced to spend their lives as janitors and not gain the prestige of being called a God.

Patrick and Christina both felt that Mardockt would return and while Patrick sought information, Christina fought to earn back the status she deserved. She was eventually bumped up to guardian of the Door of Death where she had a run-in with Patrick. He entrapped her in an urn for thousands of years saying that she would return when needed.

Christina was awoken to an entirely different world where humans have gotten much stronger than they used to be.

Christina is a bred warrior but has a dislike of the blood she causes. Due to this she fights with her eyes closed and it this does not hinder her at all. She has recently left the group for a reason unknown, possibly to sate her curiosity of this entirely new world she's woken up to.

Favorite Pastimes: Fighting for a good cause, Playing with small furry animals.
Greatest fear: Ham
Reason for Paranormal investigation: Stopping Mardockt and learning exactly what Patrick has done while she slept.
Looks: Tall, Blonde, prefers to wear the armor from her time.