Writer: Timothy Dumont Jr.
Co-writer: Crystal Ferguson

Saba Zahid

Saba is the failed clone of an extremely powerful Spirit Persuader who was also the sister of a very powerful enemy. Due to being a failed clone she is stricken with a double personality.

One personality is happy, loving, and just a little ignorant. The other is a homicidal maniac with a fetish for blood and violence. She found the team herself, looking for Ben because of a dream the person she's a clone of had when they were younger.

Her and another of the group confronted the person she was cloned from and, while the person was killed, Saba was gravely injured. After recovering from the injury, the double personality was gone, but she was told by the doctors that she was dying.

In order to save herself she went to Merlin, who helped her stop herself from dying. As a result however, the double personality came back and the dark side killed Merlin.

Saba's happy side has no control over the Spirit Persuader's power, while the homicidal side does. The happy side likes everyone but is completely infatuated with Ben. The darker side only respects people who prove themselves or have gone through similar situations as her and survived.

Happy Saba:
Favorite Pastime: Dancing, Trying to be around Ben.
Greatest Fear: Ben dying.
Reason for Paranormal Investigation: She doesn't even know what that is.
Looks: Arabic, long black hair, always smiling, cute.

Homicidal Saba:
Favorite Pastime: Playing with entrails.
Greatest Fear: Being contained within herself permanently.
Reason for Paranormal Investigation: For the thrill.
Looks: Arabic, long black hair, very sexual, hardly ever smiling (unless she's hurting someone).