Writer: Timothy Dumont Jr.
Co-writer: Crystal Ferguson

Sunday, February 21, 2010

Entry 71: Return -Crystal-

The world blurred in to focus and I fell to the cold stone floor. The cave was lit up by the orb behind me and this scene formed before me.

Crazy Hat Guy was swinging an axe at the Goddess. The other guy was blocking the only exit. I glanced over to my left and saw another person laying still on the floor.

"That person needs help, Crystal."

I glanced to my right and saw that Nick was standing next to the glowing orb.

"This isn't another one of your suicide missions, is it?" I was surprised at my own voice. It came out more mature and it sounded good. I looked down at my self and saw that I was much taller. I had grown older.

"What?" This was unexpected.

"The human spirit is ageless. I could not return your body, so I asked your soul what it would prefer. It chose this. Now help him."

My body was skinny and my hair very long. I ran over to the person and ripped at his shirt.

He reached up to me, "Help . . . please . . . "

"You aren't dieing yet, sir. I'm gonna help you." I had to hurry. His blood was running out fast and I had to stop the bleeding. How did I know that?

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