Writer: Timothy Dumont Jr.
Co-writer: Crystal Ferguson


Vincent grew up a very religious person, and he cared deeply about his family and friends; most notably Andrew. Due to an accident at his job, a contagion was released that caused Andrew to ruthlessly murder his family right in front of him. Vincent escaped and killed Andrew.

Accused of all the murders, Vincent was sentenced to death by electric chair. Vincent sat in limbo for many years until Nick transposed his soul into a teddy bear with the assignment to protect Crystal. The magic that brought him back connected him to Crystal, allowing him to tell where she is and whether she's safe or not.

Vincent is a prankster, though the largest amount seem to be aimed at Carl, who responds in kind. Vincent and Carl are always arguing and mocking one another, but when it get's serious their teamwork and ferocity is to be feared.

Vincent is very strong for his size and can confuse many magics, because of his soul being transposed in a Teddy bear.

Favorite Pastimes: Pranks, sleeping.
Greatest Fear: Andrew, Crystal Dying.
Reason for Paranormal investigation: Protect Crystal.
Looks: Small, brown fur all over, black leather jacket.