Writer: Timothy Dumont Jr.
Co-writer: Crystal Ferguson

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Entrry 77: Hunted -Nick-

The children in front of me giggle wildly as I flip the stick, causing it to change colors. I've been doing this same routine every Thursday for the past twenty years. The nurse brings me out of my room and the children gather round, and I show them small magic tricks.

If these youngsters knew what I was capable of; I could give these kids such nightmares. Luckily, I like them. They've kept me sane for a long time.

"Now for my best act!", I give them a wide, toothless smile, "I will make myself disappear!"

I was tired. I got tired easily lately. Especially since I've been doing a lot of real spells lately. I felt my chair spin around as the nurse rolled me back to my room. I shivered as cool air hit me from an open window. With an unnoticeable flick of my wrist the window was closed.

Something was in the air. Something bad. Something big. While my human senses had dulled over the years, my sixth sense had only gotten stronger. That's how I knew about Crystal and the others. Maybe I'd done too much. Maybe I'd gotten myself noticed and dragged in to another cataclysm.

Just like the one that had taken my legs.

I had to get out of this place. People were going to get hurt. Badly hurt. In my mind’s eye, I watched all these innocent people be consumed as they searched for me. James and that girl, Saba. They'd both be coming for me soon. One for help and the other for murder. I'd be ready. I'd be gone.

I just need to get out of this damn old persons home. If only I wasn't 79.

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