Writer: Timothy Dumont Jr.
Co-writer: Crystal Ferguson

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Entry 44: On the break -Ben-

With the lack of a case you'd think that they'd leave, but John, Jay, and Carl have made this place their base of operations. I don't mind; before they came around my place, it was completely empty. Even with them here, not much has changed. I can still walk through my house with out hearing a sound.

Ever since we solved the last case, everyone has kept to themselves. Jay is almost never around; always out and doing other things by himself. Carl has spent all of his time out back; training himself for our next battle, and John has been rather annoying lately. He seems to be trying to prove his worth to everyone. I'm not sure what happened to them in the house, but I do know what happened to me and it keeps my nights interesting.

The things I was told, and the blood that lies on my families hands all point to one thing: My family has a history of bloodshed. How can I know that I won't follow the same footsteps? How can I know that one day I will see a child and think it a good idea to end their life? These thoughts haunt my nights and I will not deny that I've woken up screaming with images of dead children. I am afraid of myself.

Yesterday I tried to get Carl to come inside and relax, but he started yelling at me about needing to be strong and being able to protect everyone. I could tell he had a lot on his mind so I left it at that. John didn't even react and I couldn't find Jay any where in the house. I just sat in my room surfing the internet.

Later I'm going to have a look in the book about ritual sacrifices. I want to learn more about how just 100 children could cause someone to become immortal.

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