Writer: Timothy Dumont Jr.
Co-writer: Crystal Ferguson

Monday, March 29, 2010

Entry 95: A Common Goal -Vincent-

This guy was so easy. The whole walk I had people looking at him like he was stupid. He was stupid, but I had people THINKING he was crazy. And his face? Priceless.

I knew he was tiring of my antics. I was pretty sure that you couldn't kill a teddy bear though, so I didn't care. Besides, my life was destroyed all ready. I didn't care if I could be killed. All I cared about at the moment was somehow earning back my place in Heaven; if it actually existed.

We had been walking for a while before we decided to find some car and "borrow" it. We were getting close, but it would have taken hours before we got to Crystal. The car would speed things up a bit.

It did ruin my fun though. I was stuck sitting in the passenger seat looking at the glove compartment. Carl couldn’t hide his laughter, nor did he try.

I had just lifted my head to make a degrading remark toward Carl's driving skills when I felt this static in Crystal's connection to me. Kind of like a fuzzy feeling, and yes; I do see the irony of that.

"We need to hurry. I don't care how bad your driving skills are, just get us there. Something’s going on."

I felt the car speed up as his foot hit the floor. We were going fast. It would still be ten minutes before we got there. It wasn't quick enough. We'd never get there in time.

There was no longer any static between our connection. Our connection was completely gone.

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