Writer: Timothy Dumont Jr.
Co-writer: Crystal Ferguson

Monday, March 8, 2010

Entry 90: The Way To Nick -Crystal-

What am I doing? I'm a seven year-old young woman with memories that aren't her own, and I'm sitting in a car next to a crazy lady, whose made it very clear that the only part of me she wants to see are my insides. Then again, Saba was the only person who would be able to lead me to Nick.

Actually, I'm kind of proud of me for figuring it out. Basically, if Saba died some 17 or 18 years ago and was resurrected at that time, she'd be in her late 30's, because she would have come back as an 18 year old. She clearly was not any where near 30 which means that she was brought back recently. See why I'm proud of myself? All I have to do is tell her to go to the person that she was last with, and the only person I know that can bring people back to life is Nick.

The others will miss me and may come looking but with out Saba, they wouldn't be able to find me. That will keep them out of harms way while I go get myself fixed. It's not like I'm not being cautious. I brought something with me to protect myself. I reached in to my pocket and felt the page I had ripped from Ben's book. I'd have a surprise for her if she decides to do me in when we find him.

We turned on a driveway that led up to a huge mansion. This didn't look like a place for a child. Something felt wrong. I didn't know what this place was. Saba was out of the car before I could open my door, and leaned down to a small speaker.

"Hello, It's Saba Zahid."

"Come in."

That was definitely not Nick’s voice.

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