Writer: Timothy Dumont Jr.
Co-writer: Crystal Ferguson

Sunday, March 14, 2010

Flashback Entry 91: New Line of Work -Nick-

A rock to my left exploded, sending me into the air. Chanted words filled my ears, making my vision blurry and my thoughts slow. Time seemed to slow down as I drifted through the air toward a very hard looking wall. This was my last job. From now on, Saba would be on her own. No more crazy adventures, no more suspicious foods, and definitely no more angry warlocks whose power closely resembles that of a God.

"Nick! Now!"

Yeah Saba, I’d love to help; but right now my trajectory tells me that I have a meeting with some rather unfriendly stone. You are going to have to do this yourself. Of course, I couldn't tell her this, because my thoughts never had time to reach my mouth.

"Nick! Hurry!"

Nick, I need your help. Nick, it's just a stupid warlock. Nick, you can take him. Why do I listen? We haven't been friends that long.

As I slammed in to the rock I thought; I'm only 20. I should be worrying about college, not trying to steal ancient mythical artifacts from warlocks older than America. I need a new line of work.

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