Writer: Timothy Dumont Jr.
Co-writer: Crystal Ferguson

Monday, March 22, 2010

Flashback Entry 93: "Not today" -Nick-

Patrick was born soon after and I was kept under their employ for their wife. I would go and find the artifacts she was looking for while she took care of the baby. I knew she was working toward some kind of goal, but I realized what it was way too late. I had helped her achieve what she was attempting to gain.

I found out on the last night I was under their employ. I had just retrieved the final artifact and, like usual, I went to my quarters to rest. The final wizard was well-known and very powerful. I say wizard because that's how I knew him. Of course he was a warlock like me, but he presented himself as a wizard. I guess that's what they called us back in his age, when his place was next to King Arthur's throne.

I'm not sure how long I'd been sleeping when I was jolted awake by the building quaking beneath me. I could feel the magical energy flowing through out the house, and it was stronger than normal. Usually I could just feel the power of the artifacts I'd been collecting, but this time the whole house was vibrating with it.

Something horrible was going on. I leaped from my bed and bolted down the stairs three at a time. The energy was seeping from above me; I just kept going up. I felt the power increase and could sense the malevolence within it. I was moving too slow.

I burst in to the biggest room in the highest tower of the house, and was immediately hit with a massive blast of magical force that picked me up and pushed me to the floor.

"I will not have you interrupting our summoning, Nick. It'd be best if you stayed down." Saba's voice was filled with dark intent. It was almost as though there was a different person in control.

"What's going on?" I tried to lift my head to look, but the force kept me stuck in place.

"We must bring our Lord into this world, so he may crush the unworthy. You should not worry though. You are more than worthy. Non-magicals, how ever . . ."

I had been working for these people for so long and they'd never exhibited any kind of evil intentions until now. They had hid it so well, but now while I was trapped, I saw the signs I'd missed. The late night walks, locked rooms, questions they shouldn't have ignored; questions I shouldn't have stopped asking.

Non-magicals. They were going to take out more than 90% of the people alive. This was not going to happen; I'd never let it. I slowly began looking for that faint magical signature that Saba's abilities gave off.

"That's complete madness. You're insane!" I felt the force tighten on me as I yelled.

"Insane? Non-magicals are ruining everything. In a few more years the only thing people will talk about is how much the planet is in danger. Why shouldn't we kill them all?! You think I'm mad, but I am more sane than most."

I could feel the magic increasing and right now it was so powerful, that my ears were ringing. It was now or never. I forced as much magical force out of me in every direction, feeling the restricting energy fade and break apart as it tried to contain me.

"I can see you're upset. Maybe I was wrong about you. You may leave now."

"No! I'm not going to let you do this. It's genocide. You will stop now."

The middle of the circular room was filled with hundreds of objects that I had collected during my employ. Saba had turned toward me and her husband was staring in to the objects, his hands raised above his head. Their son Patrick was sitting nearby. A giant light floated above the pile of artifacts.

I only got a glimpse because Saba raised her hands, and I was lifted off the ground. With a flick of my wrist and a few words, I fell to the ground again. I ran for cover but was too late.

Saba's unique energy slammed in to my side, sending me in to the wall. The lack of magical signature made dodging and countering the spells more difficult. If it was still I could find it after some time, but moving made it impossible. Three more hits left me breathless.

I felt the energy wrap around my leg and I was lifted upside down in to the air.

"You can't stop us and killing you would be a shame. Can't you just see things our way? Ignore morality and let everything fall into place." Saba's voice was alien; filled with hate and loathing.

"People shouldn't be killed just because they were born a certain way! What you're doing is murder. You can't get away with that!", I yelled, my anger increasing, "One day I'll watch as your deeds come back on you two-fold."

"Not today." She tossed me like a rag doll out of the nearest window.

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