Writer: Timothy Dumont Jr.
Co-writer: Crystal Ferguson

Thursday, November 5, 2009

Entry 20: Proof Revealed! -Ben-

I spoke to Alfred again and he decided to allow me back up to the house. This time he allowed me to bring not only the camera, but a crowbar as well. Today I would have my proof.

Tearing apart the floorboards kept us there till late in the night. I was lucky to have Alfred around for the endeavor. He had decided to over see what I was doing just in case it had any chance of ruining his opportunity of selling the property.

What was revealed beneath that porch caused Alfred to gasp. Underneath there was the bones of a small child. In her hands she gripped a small piece of paper, and next to her was a metal box.

Opening the box revealed a small bone, a jar of dark liquid, a dead spider, and another empty jar. Alfred ran off to phone the police, leaving me alone with the body.

I took out the book and spoke the incantation. Almost immediately I heard a noise from just inside the house. There she was; Susan Ashford peeking out of the window.

After quickly snapping a picture I opened the door and ran inside. She was dressed in very old clothes; I'm not sure what era, and she gave me a small curtsy as I entered. I glanced around for any kind of projection equipment, and as I turned to face her, she giggled a little.

She began to advance on me. Her arms outstretched and I could hear her calling out, "Why?", over and over again; slowly raising in pitch. Her speed increased and I tripped backwards over a broken chair. She was inches from me, leaning over with her arms forward. I began to feel faint as though I just wanted to sleep . . . forever. It was rather peaceful till I realized that if I wanted to live, I'd have to do better than that.

I couldn't think of anything else so . . . I said that he was sorry.

It all stopped immediately. The house became completely silent, save for the normal cracks and creaks that you normally hear from old houses. Alfred burst in calling for me, he saw me laying with my back on the floor and ran over to help me up. I tried to explain the best I could through his barrage of questions, but I was still getting over the feeling of sleepiness.

The travel back was quiet aside from the sound of police sirens as they drove toward the house. Alfred drove me home and then left with out a single word.

I had just enough time to over look the paper in her hand before sleep over took me. I wouldn't sleep well because I was beginning to think that this Ashford guy killed his daughter. That, and the fact that I now believed everything I read in the book.

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