Writer: Timothy Dumont Jr.
Co-writer: Crystal Ferguson

Thursday, November 12, 2009

Entry 24: Meeting John -Ben-

Today went fast. I met John and found him to be particularly annoying. Apparently, he's their rumor and local information gatherer. I will admit he did have a way of making me say more than I needed to.

Carl is John's brother, which I found odd; seeing as they are complete opposites. Carl is thin and muscular while John is large and not so muscular. John and Carl do share the same long hair, all though they both are different colors.

Even with their differences, they worked together very well. Carl and John talked over the information they'd found while I surfed the web for any information on William Schermerhorn. I found nothing; apparently my skills aren't good enough.

John immediately spoke up when the name William Schermerhorn was brought in to their conversation. He mentioned how he'd talked to someone with that last name.

The brothers bickered for a while. Carl wanted to go talk to him now and John wanted to call it a day. Personally, I would have liked to go, but after hearing those two go at it for an hour; I decided that we'd stay here and do more research.

I'm still hesitant to show them the book, so we just passed around our theories of the Wilson Case. Carl thinks that Wilson had maybe gone too far and it cost him his family and life. John, after being updated, thinks that Wilson was a nut job and that William was the guy that killed him.

Despite that they all showed up uninvited, I did enjoy them working with me. Maybe this is the start of something more.

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