Writer: Timothy Dumont Jr.
Co-writer: Crystal Ferguson

Thursday, November 19, 2009

Entry 28: It's like he's vanished. -John-

John Miller again. It's like Benjamin had vanished. We've looked every where, even that stupid house that's causing us such trouble. I mean seriously, we've dealt with spirits before, but this house is something completely new and irritating.

Normally all it takes is a little info to banish a spirit. Spirits are wildly, emotional beings attached to the way they have died. Show them they're dead, destroy their attachment to this world, and that's it. This house though, it's like something new and different. The spirits here are of a class I've never even seen. Damn it!

My brother and I went back up to the house. Of course on the way, Carl kept saying things like, "If they've done anything to Ben . . . ", or "Those spirits are gonna pay, I was starting to like that dude." He always starts putting a tough front up when we're going into a dangerous situation, like he was steeling himself for what was to come. I keep my mouth shut as I concentrate on the task at hand. We're not there to discover any thing, just to see if Ben is there.

Of course Ben wasn't on the first floor, so we made our way to the second and that's when those retarded ghosts made their appearance. Something pushed me and Carl to the ground, scattering our flashlights across the floor. As I fell, I was lucky enough to have my finger slip on to the trigger of the camera I was holding; which gave us this picture.

He's one ugly bastard.

Any way, we didn't find Ben and it's been a whole day. I hope he's all right but I'm not gonna bank on it. In this line of work it's better to assume they're gone. I hate those Spirits.

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