Writer: Timothy Dumont Jr.
Co-writer: Crystal Ferguson

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Flashback Entry 155: Mardockt -Christina-

"Christina! Stop being a baby!", Mardockt was all ready halfway up the cliff face.

"I'm not a baby!", I was only a quarter of the way up and advancing slowly.

Patrick quickly scrambled past, catching up and passing Mardockt easily. Patrick had always been the most physically fit of all the unsigned Gods. He was known for his resistance to physical harm. I once saw him swim in a pool of lava with out clothes on, and that's something that some signed Gods couldn't even do.

I was never so lucky with my skill. I always tried to match Patrick's strength, but he was always just above me. How ever, my special trait put us on equal ground and made our battles last for hours.

I was born with sight. I had amazing vision normally, three times more powerful than a normal human’s, but I also could see things unseen. The entire ability was new and unknown even to the Highest Tier.

Mardockt was one of the special ones born with a trait that wouldn't manifest until a specific trigger activated it. Unlucky for Mardockt, the trigger was his death. It was unknown what would happen, but it has been speculated that he was the embodiment of the apocalypse. It was said that his death would clear the planet of mortals and allow the Higher Tier to create a new mortal race.

Climbing this cliff had been Mardockt's idea. At the top was supposed to be the origin of all God-types, and it was forbidden to go all the way to the top. Being children; we completely ignored that rule.

I wish we hadn't.

I was ten feet from the top when I saw Patrick fly over the edge with a flash of light close behind. The light hit him in mid-air and he dropped to the ground far below.

"Patrick!" I'd never seen him lose consciousness, but as I watched him fall, I saw his eyes close. The sight of the toughest of the three of us falling unconscious scared me more then anything I'd ever seen. I scrambled up the last few feet and was met with a sight I'd never thought possible.

Mardockt’s body lay only a few feet away in a puddle of his blood. I'd never seen any of our kind bleed like that in the ten years I'd been alive. I could see the life force slip from him and dissipate in to the air.

"Mardockt!", I ran over to him as the last of his life force faded.

I leaped out of the way as a bolt of light hit the ground where Mardockt lay, knocking me and him to the side. I turned to see an old man standing a few feet away, his hands developing another blast of light. Just as he prepared to fire, a pulse erupted from Mardockt's body.

I watched as Mardockt pulled himself to his feet, and knew that he was not the same. He was one of my closest friends and used to be very kind. Now he was something darker, something scary. He pointed at the old man, who fell dead immediately.

Mardockt laughed lightly and then smiled at me.

What had just happened?

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