Writer: Timothy Dumont Jr.
Co-writer: Crystal Ferguson

Monday, January 17, 2011

Entry 150: I Fight Like A Girl? -Carl-

The door flew open after a single kick. It didn't take much of Vincent’s explanation to get us working to get out of the room. We all stepped out to an unusual sight.

All the Policemen and scientists were in pieces on the floor. Not bloody pieces, but cleanly cut and burned pieces.

"What is going on?", Ben walked toward the door.

"I have no clue. It seems we've walked in to another problem." I knelt down to look at the stump of a dismembered arm. It was a sword, a really hot sword.

"Guys, I think we have a problem.", I said as I stood up, "We should probably do what we need to do and then leave."

"You will not touch the door, or use the door in any manner. You will leave now." A dirty blond woman stepped out from behind the door as Ben approached. She stood slightly taller than Ben and was covered in leather armor from the chest down. In her hand she held a sword that seemed much too large for her to wield.

I cracked my knuckles as I headed over to her, "Ben, keep working. I'll take care of her."

"Got it." Ben started to move toward the door but was stopped by the swing of her blade.

"I don't want to hurt you. Please, back away." She looked in Ben's eyes with out a smile.

"I can't."

I swung at her, but only hit air as she leaped over my head. I dived to the left as her sword smashed down where I had been standing. Before I could get my bearings again, my chest exploded with pain as the hilt of her sword made my ribs feel like butter. Her strength was something beyond even the Gods I had faced could muster.

"What the Hell are you?!", I exclaimed as I rolled to avoid her blade.

I had been pushed in to a corner and watched as she lifted her blade above her head. It was over for me if this hit. She swung her arm down and I winced, until I realized I hadn't felt anything. Her weapon was gone and from the look on her face, she was as surprised as I was. I wasn't going to wait to figure out what happened.

My foot caught her in the stomach with a follow up to her face. She was knocked back enough for me to see Vincent dragging her weapon to the other side of the room. I jumped to my feet and swung at her face again, only to have it caught and deflected. That's when I noticed her eyes were closed.

Four hits to the chest and six kicks in the face was all it took to realize I wasn't anywhere near good enough to survive this battle, if she ever got her weapon back. My body felt like a punching bag as she grabbed my arm and tossed me in to a wall as if I weighed nothing.

"You are surprisingly resistant. Who did you train under? Aries?", she walked over toward me, her eyes still closed, "You also don't seem to fear me yet. Have humans really become so bold?"

"Why are you guarding the doorway so much? Is speaking to the dead that powerful?"

"Speaking to the dead?" She seemed genuinely confused.

I pulled myself to my feet and steadied myself, "Isn't that what it does?", I avoided an attack and missed with one of my own. This was not going well.

"HAH!" She rolled to the left as her own weapon narrowly missed cutting her in half. Vincent had somehow gotten the strength to wield the massive sword. It was a very clumsy attempt, so I reached down to take it from him but he pulled it away.

"No. I found it, so it's mine. Go find your own magic sword." He glared at me.

"You can't be serious! She's going to kill us with the way you swing that thing!"

"Are you saying I can't fight?!"

"Yeah, you fight like a girl!"

"A girl! I fight like a girl?!?! Would you like me to show you how I fight?!" Vincent puffed his chest out the best he could.

Out of the corner of my eye I could see the look of confusion and annoyance growing in her face.

"Are you threatening me?!"

"Take a swing and see!"


We both attacked her at the same time.

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