Writer: Timothy Dumont Jr.
Co-writer: Crystal Ferguson

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Flashback Entry 156: It's From Before I Was Born -Christina-

Mardockt's eyes never left mine as he walked over to the fallen body of the old man. As I watched, a bright red glow slipped from the old man and in to Mardockt. He took a deep breath and kicked the man.

"Fools; all of you."

He turned to me and smiled, his once friendly face wearing a new shade of emotion. Hatred.

"Do you know what they did? What they did to me all those years ago?"

"Mardockt, what have you done? They'll take away our futures for what you did."

In a second he was next to me, his hand leaving a bruise on my cheek. He grabbed my shirt and lifted me up till my feet no longer touched the ground.

"I-", His voice of calm evil etched in to me, "I asked you a question."

New feelings enveloped me as I stared at my old friend’s face; desperation, hopelessness, and fear. I'd never felt anything like them before now. It was as if they were emanating from Mardockt. It took all of my little resolve just to speak again.

"What did they do, Mardockt?"

"They put me in the dark alone. That ever-lasting nothing that you go to when you die. There I sat crying to no one, because I would never be heard. Do you know the feeling? I forgot that I even had a body. I forgot my parents. I forgot my friends. I forgot my life."

"Who are you?"

"I don't remember my name. They took that away from me too! You took it all!", He threw me to the ground.

"I never did that!"

He turned and looked over the cliff, "Your friend is coming back. He's resilient." The following laugh was murderous.

"His name is Patrick. He won't know that you aren't our friend."

Patrick leaped up and looked around, "Christina! Mardockt!"

He ran over and as he did, I saw the pieces slowly fall in to place in his mind. The dead man, the bruise on my face, and Mardockt's smile, all collided in to confusion.

"What's going on?", he stopped moving toward us.

"Oh-ho-ho-ho . . .", Mardockt pointed at Patrick and I watched as a strand of something only I could see flowed toward Patrick.

I slammed my body in to Mardockt's side, interrupting his attack. He turned and grabbed my hair. Patrick started to run forward, but I felt my body collide with his as I was thrown.

"Violence. I love violence. I invented it. I've had blood on my hands since I was born. I am a God among Gods, and unfathomable among men. I can't be stopped, only contained. I am the original darkness, the first monster beneath your bed and I will destroy all of your kind for what you did to me!"

Patrick and I untangled ourselves from each other and stared as he slowly walked over. Our friend was gone and replaced by something else.

Even Patrick looked scared.

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