Writer: Timothy Dumont Jr.
Co-writer: Crystal Ferguson

Thursday, January 13, 2011

Entry 147: Darkened Skies, Opened Hearts -Saba-

The clouds came quickly and bloated out the sun with a supernatural speed as the taxi stopped in front of the museum. Ben was in there. I had to see Ben, but the feelings I was getting from this building made me hesitate.

"Oh just suck it up. You're stalling progress, you baby."

I realized it was my own voice as my feet began walking of their own accord toward the large doors. With a swift tug, I found the door choosing not listen to my commands.

"Nothing in this universe can stop me from going where I want. Get out of my way, door." I swung my hand, the door unlocked itself and swung open.

As I stepped in to the building the world got darker behind me and the door closed tightly. I probably wouldn't be able to open it again; not that I wanted to. The building was lit only by its own light. The sunlight was completely blocked by the clouds outside.

People had collected in to the large entrance and were muttering between themselves, while the security guards attempted to contact the outside world on their cell phones. They could help me.

I grasped one by their neck and lifted him above my head, "Ben. Now."

I laughed as the other guards attempted to stop my attack. I dispatched them quickly with their own weapons. They weren't dead but when they woke up, they probably wouldn't ever walk again. I squeezed the man’s neck tighter.

"I don't know where he is.", the guard spoke between coughs.

"Door Of The Dead?" He was getting on my nerves.

The commotion had caught the attention of the crowd, and they had started screaming and backing away. Most of them were small children so I paid them no heed as the guard pointed toward my goal.

"You won't be missed.", I said right before I snapped his neck. Simple security guard who will make no impact on this world; worthless really.

"Well said." I spun to see a man leaning against one of the columns that bordered the large entrance hall. He smiled as he walked up to me. It was a smile that was laced with instability and darkness. It was a smile I'd seen when I looked in the mirror.

"You should get with the others before you get in my way."

"If you're looking for Ben, then I'm all ready in your way. See, I have plans for him and his friends; plans that don't involve you interfering." His confidence was a pressure on my own. He was ruining my cool with words.

"You must not know who I am. Move." I grasped his arm and swung it to throw him behind me.

With surprising speed, he grabbed my arm and used the momentum to pull my arm behind me. A loud popping sound reached me as my arm came out of its socket. Pain flooded up my arm as he pushed me forward against the wall.

"You see, I know exactly who you are, what you are, and all your weaknesses. I used my time in the Other lands wisely. I studied up on all those around Vincent and trained for this moment. There isn't a thing you can do to me that I won't expect." With the word "expect", he smashed my face in to the stone wall.

I fell to the floor and as the world went black, I felt him grab my leg and begin to drag me toward the Door Of The Dead.

"Ben, help.", he mocked.

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