Writer: Timothy Dumont Jr.
Co-writer: Crystal Ferguson

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Entry 151: What In The World? -Christina-

I planted my knee in the face of the one I'd been fighting just to keep him occupied, and turned to the new combatant. I could sense his resolve as he ran at me, but I also noticed his form was off. He ran like he was much smaller; with very little steps.

I prepared to avoid the attack when he jumped above me and swung. I almost smiled as I watched the swing go far above my head. I was about to say something when I felt the burning steel fly past my face.

How had he done that? Not even my kind can disguise themselves from me like that.

I flipped back as he landed and put my hands up as he swung again. I felt a sharp pain in my gut as the weapon burned through my armor. This was ridiculous. His soul was saying that he was somewhere he wasn't. Had humans actually achieved such heights of technology? Were they so advanced that they've even surpassed the ancient magics?

I blocked the other guy’s attack with my arm and spun around him, swinging my foot toward the weapon wielder’s face. My foot hit nothing but air.

"Why is she missing? How are you hitting her? Just before I couldn't even make a dent."

I pushed away from them, opened my eyes, and almost burst out laughing. The explanation for my trouble was very simple. Somehow, the one with the weapon had his soul possessing a small stuffed animal that resembled a bear, but was much too small and cute.

I'd have to fight using my eyes.

The bear swung and I easily avoided his attack by jumping a little. I swung my foot out and caught him in his cute little face, causing him to release my weapon and fly backwards. I leaned down to avoid the tall one’s simple fist and grasped my weapon.

My weapon swung up with the killing stroke. No human could survive this, not with out losing limbs; which in fighting terms is a loss. It was too fast to dodge and too strong to live through. It was over.

You can probably understand my surprise when my blade was stopped halfway.

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