Writer: Timothy Dumont Jr.
Co-writer: Crystal Ferguson

Monday, December 7, 2009

Entry 31: He's still sick -John-

Benjamin is still sick and keeps going in and out of consciousness. The doctors say that he'll be okay; that it's only a cold. Makes you wonder whether the real evil are these beasts we hunt or if it is the very humans we protect. How could they say this was just a cold? Ben hasn't moved in a week and we've done every thing we could just to keep our minds on the case.

Speaking of which, we've decided to go ahead with the book with out Ben's permission. We need to figure out what that well has to do with any thing that has been going on. The next page of the book told us a little more about William and allowed us to finally understand why there were two different writings in the book. Let me give you a run down of what we know so far, and we'll see exactly what we can figure out.

Wilson D. Ashford was studying the Paranormal, so he started this book. During his studies he found the Circle of Ghat, which he then used to enter the realm of the undead. While inside he was possessed by a spirit and when he escaped, the spirit lowered his ability to make good judgments; causing him to kill his child as "proof" to the reader. Because of this, Wilson's Wife, Dorothy; locked him away in a room using the very Circle of Ghat that condemned her husband to his fate. While inside, the spirit counted down the days till he was free and would be able to take his revenge out on his captor; while Wilson was beaten down by guilt over what he had done. We still are very unsure why there is so much blood spattered across each page, and we don't completely understand how many of these people became spirits in that house; but our investigation goes on.

Me and my brother will be going to the well tomorrow.

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