Writer: Timothy Dumont Jr.
Co-writer: Crystal Ferguson

Thursday, December 10, 2009

Entry 33: Amnesia -Ben-

I awoke earlier today and I am still foggy about the happenings of the last week and a half. I don't remember leaving the house. All I remember is typing and then every thing going black. There are fuzzy shadows in my memory but I can't make out any of them. In time maybe; but as for now, I am still bedridden with the craziest cold I've ever had.

Seeing as John and Carl had taken to keeping you updated, I've decided to change the titles of my entries. Now they will state what entry, the title, and who is writing it. That way it makes it easier for you guys to understand. To be honest this wasn't my idea; it was Carl's, and I thought it was a rather good idea. Therefore, I went ahead and did it. I apologize for what ever confusion it may have caused.

While I'm stuck here in bed I have time to go over the pages that I had looked at before, trying to piece together more clues about this William Schermerhorn; A.K.A. Mr. Giggles. Maybe I can find the key to this whole thing.

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