Writer: Timothy Dumont Jr.
Co-writer: Crystal Ferguson

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Entry 39: Another dream . . . -Ben-

Sleep used to be welcomed, but lately the horrific dreams have washed away the sanctuary; leaving a terror that is deep and scarring. The dreams; they haunt me.

The last dream I had was so vivid that recalling it is like watching a big screen color film complete with sounds and smells. I'm standing in front of a closed cage, inside of which sits a teddy bear smeared with a reddish brown that could only be drying blood. The sent of decay is thick here and I'm high over its scent. I feel the panic rising in my chest as I begin looking frantically around the room screaming, "Oliver! Oliver!"

My hands grasp the edge of the cage and tip it over to get a glimpse of what lies behind. Anger fills me, blocking out the panic as I continue to ravage the room, knocking over many metal tables and bright hospital lights. Unable to find Oliver, I roar out his name and make my way to the door. Violently yanking the door open, I make my way up the stairs, leaving the smell of decay behind. The lights are flickering, but I can make out a small boy at the top of the stairs, yanking frantically at the door. I reach into my pocket and bring forth a small surgical blade. My only thoughts are stopping this kid by any means. Skipping stairs two at a time, I rush toward the boy, the closer I get; the more exhilarating it is. As I reach the top the boy turns around and pushes.

I'm unable to get my balance and I tumble down the stairs in slow-mo. One moment I see the boy at the door, again trying to open it, and another I see my arm snap under my weight. As I reach the bottom of the stairs, I watch as the blade embeds itself into my face.

Then, I wake up.

Besides my dreams, something more disturbing has happened. It appears that I now have three people keeping me prisoner instead of two. A new person has shown up. I believe his name is Jay.

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  1. This is very good. I like the descriptions and it is a bit scary. I know you can go deeper though.