Writer: Timothy Dumont Jr.
Co-writer: Crystal Ferguson

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Entry 13: The interview -Ben-

As an investigator, I've had to know how to interview a few people to determine their credibility, while getting as much information as I could from them. If the person wasn't credible, then I would discount all of what they had said. How ever, seeing as Carl was the only person who was there, I would have to take what he said as seriously as I could.

First thing I noticed was that Carl was stoned. He walked in to my house and straight to the bathroom. I could tell by his movements that he was filled with conflicting emotions. Sadness from his lost friends and happiness because he got out of there alive. He was very tall and had a tough demeanor, and I wasn't surprised that he got out of there.

We started the interview in the bathroom. Carl was staring into the mirror while I talked.

Me: So, I just wanted you here to answer some questions. I'm taking care of the problems in the area for Alfred and I really appreciate your help.

Carl: That's cool, man. As long as you aren't a reporter. I had to punch one of them in the face when they decided to start talking crap about Rob.

Me: Rob?

Carl: Yeah, he's one of the people that died up there. He told us about the place and wanted to check it out. Of course I'm always ready to have some fun so I went along.

Me: Do you know how Rob found out about the place?

Carl: Nope, all I know is he said that we were gonna see who could stay in there the longest.

Me: I guess you won.

The mixture of emotions was very evident, but he forced a smile.

Carl: I guess so.

Me: So you, Rob and who else went up there?

Carl: Me, Rob, and a few chicks we picked up. We were thinking that maybe we'd have some fun up there.

Me: So you got there. Did you all go inside at once?

Carl: Yeah. The inside was very dark and we could hardly see.

Me: Did you people hear about the others that died there recently?

Carl: Yeah.

Me: And you guys still went in?

Carl: I didn't believe it at the time.

Me: Now?

Carl: Listen. I was holding Rob’s arm in my hand and swinging it at whatever that thing was. His arm. Something in there severed his arm clean off with out any of us seeing it. I'll believe any thing now.

Me: You attacked them back? With your friend’s arm?

Carl: What else was I supposed to do? They had all ready taken the girls and all I wanted to do was get out.

Me: What part of the house were you in?

Carl: The basement. We thought we'd heard something and decided to check it out.

Me: Was there any thing?

Carl seemed to get a little angry at the question. At that point he stormed from the bathroom; knocking over my toothbrushes. He eventually settled in the kitchen where he began to raid my kitchen cabinet.

Me: Well?

Carl: You don’t seem to be the sharpest tool in the shed.

Me: Okay. I admit that was a stupid question. Did you see it?

Carl: When it stopped moving for a fraction of a second I did.

Me: And?

Carl: It was a man. He wore some weird ass clothes and was holding what looked to be a piece of paper. I started freaking out.

Me: Why?

Carl: Aside from the fact that he just dismembered one of my friends?

Me: Ah, right. Sorry again.

Carl: It's okay. I could see right through him.

Me: You mean, "through" him? Like in to his soul?

Carl: No, I mean I could see the wall he was in front of.

Me: That's weird.

Carl: You're telling me. I grabbed the nearest object and began swinging.

Me: That was when you grabbed Rob’s arm?

Carl: Yeah, but I was swinging with my fist and feet as well.

Me: So you fought the attacker away?

Carl: No. The only thing I hit him with was that arm. My fists and feet didn't do any thing. So I just backed away against the wall.

Me: So you were cornered and then what happened?

Carl: I noticed over my shoulder that there was an open window. So I turned and climbed out as fast as I could. I ran all the way back non-stop.

Me: It didn't follow you.

That was the first time during the whole interview that I saw some semblance of fear in his face.

Carl: I hope not.

We ended the interview there and Carl hung out for a little while before he left. He seemed like a nice enough guy and he didn't seem like he was lying. How ever, it was evident in his movements that he'd been smoking today; so I had to be careful believing what he had said.

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  1. This story true? not true? fact? fiction?
    I don't care, either way a fantastic read.