Writer: Timothy Dumont Jr.
Co-writer: Crystal Ferguson

Sunday, August 29, 2010

131: Ignored -Ben-

The convenience of Crystal’s new talent was not lost on any of us, and it made me more than suspicious. Then again, it was just what we needed at the moment, and I know better than to bite the hand that feeds.

"You sure you can do this?"

"Ben, I don't even know how I know this. Just a few weeks ago I was a zombie with minimal intelligence, and now I'm flying a plane. It's kind of startling."

"So we can tell the passengers that everything is going to be okay?"

"No.", Carl tapped my shoulder and I turned around to see the man we'd knocked out, standing.

While nothing about him had changed, something was different; feminine. He was staring intently at Carl and smiling like someone who knew too much. The man knelt and went for his gun.

Carl moved quickly, reaching for the man’s shoulder and arm. Before he could get close enough, the man swung his arm up; smacking Carl in the face. Carl fell back on the ground holding his jaw.

"Be a good boy and stay still.", he looked at Carl and laughed.

He stood up with the gun and slipped it in to the holster, "What a coincidence that the one plane I decided to use was the one you'd be on. A sad coincidence. I told you not to interfere, I told you so long ago."

Carl looked more angry than usual, "Merczel."

I glanced at Carl, "You know him?"

It's very unusual to see a grown man jump up and down clapping his hands with a giddy smile on his face, "You remember! Aw, so sweet."

The man known as Merczel began waving his hands around, "Carl, Carl, Carl. You could have just backed out of this, but of course your crew has to interfere. Like a righteous storm, you descend upon the undeserving and smite them for their sins."

Crystal glances back, "Is there any chance that this could be taken somewhere else? It's getting really cramped in here. All this tension and violence is making it a little difficult to concentrate on keeping all these people ALIVE."

Merczel laughed, "Little girl, these people aren't going to survive. Best you go join the others in the passenger cabin."

I looked at Crystal, "Keep flying, we'll take it somewhere else."

The man had a small fit, "NO! Why does no one ever listen to me?! I said to go with the others! Who the Hell are you to go against my word?!"

Carl leaped up, grasping the guy around his middle and tossing him through the cockpit door. The man rolled on the floor and then leaped to his feet in time to knee Carl in the face. Nick jumped back in surprise, letting a small stream of fire from his hands toward Merczel. Merczel yelped in pain and turned toward Nick in anger.

"WARLOCK!", the man swung his arm swiftly and Nick flew in to the passenger cabin like a discarded toy, "I hate warlocks."

I moved to the passageway between the cockpit and the passenger cabin, "Carl, who is he?"

Merczel pointed toward Carl, "Conversing with warlocks now? Strange things are just attracted to you, huh? Who are these people you're with now? I admit, the girl didn't show any signs of usefulness. Quite a surprise when she coincidentally can fly this type of plane. And whose this idiot?", he pointed to me, "What is he? The boss? What a joke."

Carl stood, wiping blood on his shirt, "Merczel, these people here aren't going to die. My friend in there is going to land this plane and you will have failed. Give up."

Why didn't anyone listen to me? "Carl, who is he?!"

The man stopped smiling, he just stared at Carl. After a few moments he spoke, "You intend to stall my plans?"

Carl looked at Ben and laughed a bit. Then he turned to the man and smiled, "Melissa, I plan on stopping them."

My mind did a quick backtrack. Melissa? What?!

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