Writer: Timothy Dumont Jr.
Co-writer: Crystal Ferguson

Saturday, August 21, 2010

Entry 126: The Soulscape -Saba-

I didn't need him. I could do it myself. Just one last try and that's it.

I sat down in front of the brick wall that was once Merlin's store and closed my eyes. I relaxed my entire body and pushed the world out of my mind. Slowly, I felt the pain build up and in my mind I could see the ties of this world and of the Soulscape; both trying to pull me into their world. What I had to do now was slowly release myself from my worldly bonds and allow myself to be pulled in to the Soulscape.

The more ties I undid the more the pain increased, until I could barely think to release the other ones. I couldn't do it. It was too much. The pain of losing this world filled my mind, screaming warnings and telling me to go back. I had slowly began to give up when the image of Crystal filled my mind. There I was being beaten, laying on the ground not wanting to get up, too scared to move. Crystal was tougher though. Crystal didn't give up. She pulled herself to her feet and ran at the danger; she even made her point known with the palm of her hand. Even Jay, the fallen one, had not given up and when a close friend was going to die, he did the extraordinary and risked his life to save him. Everyone that I'd come across since as far back as I could remember had forced themselves past their capacity, and in to greatness. They not only took the risks needed, but they never fell back and never gave in.

I wanted to be with them, to be like them. I would be like them. I could barely move to untie the rest but it was time for me to make a sacrifice. Time for me to enter in to greatness just as all of them had. With a sweep of my hand I cut all the connections to the world at once. Cut; not untied.

Pain flooded my mind as I was yanked into the Soulscape and thrown like a rag doll in a hurricane. I swore I felt actual physical pain but it was muted, because I no longer had a connection to the world. Finally the movement stopped and I felt solid ground under me. I pushed myself to my feet and looked around.

I had entered the Soulscape.

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