Writer: Timothy Dumont Jr.
Co-writer: Crystal Ferguson

Sunday, May 9, 2010

104: Sexual Tension and Family Values -Crystal-

"Now back to you." There had been no stop in the pain as Saba made the failed attempt at saving me. I still float there above the ground, screaming in agony as my bones did things they weren't supposed to. My clothes were drenched with sweat, vomit, and other bodily fluids better left not said because of my body’s attempt to stop the pain. I wasn't sure how I was awake.

"See, that is your fate. Nothing you do can stop the next few moments and even if you could, I'd just hunt you down.", evil clone Saba spread her hand out in front of her, looking at her fingernails, "I'd kill you, but I think it'd be more fun to let you squirm. I know that killing you wouldn't be fun, but playing with you first . . . Mmmm."

The unseen force pulled me close. Saba reached over and gently caressed my neck. She leaned her mouth near my ear and giggled, "I want your blood all over m- "

My body hit the ground hard, but the pain was nothing like what I had just endured. I felt my body being lifted by strong arms and when I looked, I saw Carl moments before my vision gave out.

That's when I finally learned my place.

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