Writer: Timothy Dumont Jr.
Co-writer: Crystal Ferguson

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

107: Kayser -Ben-

I fell to my knees, overcome by the thought that I had killed an innocent little girl. I was just like my uncle. I was a murderer.

"Ben . . .", she kneeled and looked at me, "you were a child."

I barely heard her, I was looking in my head for ways to disprove my guilt. My head went through all I'd learned about myself in the last month, looking for a flaw that would make it impossible for me to have done it. My breath caught in my throat as I realized what it was.

"I was an infant."

"What?", she seemed surprised.

"When you died I was an infant, and at that time my father was locked in to his room. There's no way that he could have gone on a trip. In fact, there's no way that he wrote that page in the book either, unless he knew what was going to happen and wanted me to think of myself as a murderer."

"Ben . . . please stop. Don't say anymore.", her surprise had turned to fear.

"But why? Why would my Father want me to think I was a murderer?"

"Ben, you have to leave here now!", my Mother knelt on the ground and began drawing a circle around me decorated with familiar symbols. It was the Circle of Ghat.

I ignored her pleas, "He was possessed at the time. He was possessed by my uncle. My uncle wants me to think of myself as a murderer, but why?"

"Ben.", my Mother looked me in the face demanding my attention, "I love you always. He's coming for me because you've learned more than you were supposed to. When he comes, I'll hold him off the best I can and the circle will slow him down; but you need to run. Go look for Nicholas Brown. He can get you in touch with an Alex Kayser. Alex will be able to answer more of your questions."

"What? Who's coming?"

The house began to shake and shadows became more prominent. My Mother jumped in to the darkness of the basement and I ran.

Behind me I could hear her screams as the building collapsed.

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