Writer: Timothy Dumont Jr.
Co-writer: Crystal Ferguson

Sunday, May 9, 2010

105: Two Down and One Angry Bear To Go -Vincent-

As Carl went to grab Crystal, I stared in to the eyes of a cold blooded killer. I've seen eyes like that before, back when I was alive.

Andrew had eyes like that when he'd killed my sister, my Mother, and my Father. When he tried to kill me. My life ended that day when I saw the uncaring eyes of one of my close friends, as he chopped in to my sister’s skull with out even blinking. Seeing eyes like that would have made my blood boil. Too bad I had stuffing instead.

When we got here the situation was bad. There were two Sabas; one of which was impaled to a tree branch and the other, who was doing some kind of magic to Crystal. The screams were unbearable. Carl went to check on the impaled Saba while I went to save Crystal. Her captor was having so much fun thinking about the many sexual things she could do with Crystal’s insides that she didn't notice me.

The first chance I had I leaped at her, grasping on her face and futilely hitting her with my paws. I distracted her till I heard Carl yell that he'd gotten Saba and Crystal in to the car. Wait, Saba? Why Saba? She's the enemy.

Distracted by Carl's words I didn't realize that the Saba I was fighting had yanked me off her and was staring into my face, "You reek of Nicholas."

I stared back at her trying to smile, not sure if it was visible on my stuffing filled body, "You reek of age, and let me tell you, you smell worse than 70 year old cheese."

I watched in satisfaction as her face became progressively more red, "Nicholas created you, didn't he?! That old fool, still meddling even after I took out his legs. Oh well, it doesn't matter I'm going to use your stuffing to fill a new pillow."

She tipped me on my side and grasped my leg and my head. She laughed wildly, pulling her arms apart. A loud roaring filled my ears followed by a clang. My stitches began to pop as light filled Saba's face, and when she finally looked at the car barreling toward her all she could say was, "Oh shit."

Then she bounced off the hood.

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