Writer: Timothy Dumont Jr.
Co-writer: Crystal Ferguson

Thursday, May 20, 2010

112: Mystery -Saba-

I had taken to going outside late at night and looking at the sky. Watching the stars and praying for some kind of miracle that I knew would never come. My life had an expiration date.

Coming back had been odd. For some reason I didn't feel the presence of either dark Saba, or Ben obsessed Saba. It was as if they left, knowing my life was almost over. Did that mean I was with out a soul?

The night had grown cold but I didn't mind, I just didn't want to go inside and deal with their stares, their whispers, and their pity. It wasn't like I was mad at them or anything, but I knew that they just kept me around because I was alone.

Even more alone with out my souls.

The doctors don't know what exactly happened, but the chest wound isn't what my problem is. My body is slowly shutting down. That's the only way they can explain it. They said I only had a few weeks to a month till something vital goes. Is it fair? No.

"My life just started, and now it's gonna be over. What am I supposed to do?", I spoke aloud to no one. I think I hoped that maybe, something would hear that could help me.

"Well, is there anything you wanted to do before it's over?", I hadn't noticed Carl behind me, and it nearly gave me a heart attack when he spoke. That would have been ironic.

"I haven't lived enough to know anything. I was created and then unleashed on the world. An accident; a fluke."

Carl lit a cigarette and took a big drag, "Well, I can promise that there's at least one person in that house who thinks otherwise. You probably saved Crystal’s life by stalling."

I didn't remember what had happened very well and everything was a kind of blur. I knew I'd done something to help Crystal but I didn't remember what.

Carl blew out the smoke away from me, "Also, I don't think you're a fluke."

"I'm not even sure if I have a soul, I can't feel them anymore."

Carl looked at me, "You can't just lose a soul. It's who you are. I could never stop being who I am, and neither can you. Something happened but your souls are there. I can guarantee it."

"It's like they've disappeared. Now all I feel is this empty place where they once were. I just want the emptiness to go away."

I stood and walked in to the house.

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