Writer: Timothy Dumont Jr.
Co-writer: Crystal Ferguson

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Entry 48: Finally -Ben-

After a long wait, we finally have a new case. Earlier today, Jay ran in the house yelling that he'd found us a new case. Apparently there is a Minoan Snake Goddess living in a nearby railroad tunnel that has been feasting on missing children. Now, my first reaction when hearing we'd be taking on a snake goddess, was one of surprise.

Carl was the one to meet my protests, explaining that most beings once thought of as Gods and Goddesses have since lost much of their power due to the lack of sacrifice. Some times one will try to get some sacrifices, but most have fallen into the groove of the new sacrifice-less era. They are no stronger than most demons . . . with out the sacrifices. With the sacrifices they are something different all together. Carl got silent and John busied himself with some papers.

Jay just got more excited and began to throw down papers and news reports; many of which you will see in a post soon to come. He started blabbering about how this creature was dangerous and needed to be put down. Something about legions of the undead rising and sacrifices. My interest wavered. Something about Jay just made his words seem so unimportant.

Maybe it was Minoan Snake Goddess.

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