Writer: Timothy Dumont Jr.
Co-writer: Crystal Ferguson

Friday, February 4, 2011

Entry 158: Becoming The Prediction -Ben-

"Do you know what bothers me most about you and your group of pals?" Andrew whispered behind my ear.

I could tell he was smiling with out seeing him.

"None of you realize how serious what you're investigating is. Out of nowhere you stroll in as though you know what you're doing."

The child across from me looked more terrified by the second. I was sure that she knew more about what the game was about than I did.

"That's not the only thing that bothers me about your stupid group. Your friendships just piss me off. Why in the world would you keep around someone as broken as this specimen?"

A light came on to the left, revealing Saba strapped to a column. She looked unconscious as Andrew walked toward her.

"You have a choice Ben. The chair you are sitting is wired to that shotgun. If you get off then that child will no longer see her 16th birthday. However," A shine made me realize that he was holding a knife, "If you don't get up, then I will continue to cut your friend here until she bleeds out."

I felt my skin go pale as he pressed the knife to Saba's skin. This was like a nightmare. Save my friend and become the thing my uncle swore I would, or watch my friend die and never be able to forgive myself? Andrew lifted his knife from Saba's skin and turned toward me.

"This entire setup was thought up by someone we both had the pleasure to know; though your interaction was cut short by a stray axe. Does the name Mr. Giggles mean anything to you?" Andrew laughed as he turned back to Saba.

Watching Saba's blood run down her leg made the tears come. My mind was telling me to stand up but my heart was whispering the names the child across from me could have.

At this point Saba woke up, screaming in pain as the knife ran across her. Andrew made no sound besides his heavy breathing, as though he found his work arousing.

"Ben! Ben, help! Stop him!" I didn't stand up; my thoughts were confusing me.

Slowly I came to the realization that someone was going to die today. Someone would be killed by me. I couldn't stop that. If I saved the kid then Andrew would still have the upper hand, and if I saved Saba then me and her could both stop this madman before anymore people died.

I locked my heart away, and stood up.

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