Writer: Timothy Dumont Jr.
Co-writer: Crystal Ferguson

Friday, March 11, 2011

171: KEEEYAH!! -Christina-

She was fast. Melissa's movement didn't even register until the bolt of sprite magic smashed into my bleeding chest. New pain surged down my arm as the cackling of magic signified her next attack was on its way. I rolled to the side trying to ignore the growing pain as her magic made my wound feel worse than ever.

"What the fuck?!", Carl yelled as the bolt of energy knocked his blade from his hand. It clattered across the floor to the other side of his huge opponent. The Abhorian laughed.

This was bad. Carl would soon fall to the Abhorian without any help and I was stuck dodging this picky flea's bites. Another bolt slammed into the floor next to me.

"Pay attention to me, not that stupid human. This is between you and me, the last of our kinds!" Melissa's magic flowed around her at an increasing rate as she powered the next attack, "Kill me angel!", she released the magic in my direction.

"My pleasure!" I spun my blade around above my head and slammed it on the approaching energy, causing it to split and fly in two different directions; one just barely missing Carl and the other harmlessly hitting the wall.

"Could you maybe not try to kill me?" Carl gasped as he dodged the Abhorian.

Ignoring his cries, I closed the distance between me and Melissa. I brought my blade around only to have it shocked from my hand by a light blast of magic. Melissa spun and swung her foot forward, catching me under my chin with a concentrated magic force.

I fell back and my vision blurred slightly. The pain from the stab and the sprite magic were making things more difficult than they all ready were. Melissa became a flurry of energy as she connected with seven more heavy hits to my face. The combination of pain and her magic made it difficult to move.

"You see, angel? We were supposed to survive. You would have all fallen to us because you're weak. A worthless creation with no redeeming features." She emphasized her point with more fairy magic, "You just sit there while I slap your life away. Like a good dog."

"KEEEYAH!!" The bear known as Vincent came out of nowhere, tackling Melissa to the floor. Melissa shot blast after blast of sprite magic, but without any life the bear was unaffected. The bear grabbed her face and rammed his knee into her stomach. I could see pain in Melissa's face though I knew the bear to be very soft. I stood to give him support but he turned and growled.

"While you were over here having a squabble with this Barbie, Carl has been fighting for his life! He may be a pain in the ass but if he dies, I'll kill you. Go help him!"

It'd never occurred to me that something so small could be so scary.

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