Writer: Timothy Dumont Jr.
Co-writer: Crystal Ferguson

Friday, March 11, 2011

170: Sever The Connection -Christina-

With inhuman reflexes, Carl leaped to the left as the Abhorian's massive hand smashed the floor where he'd been. Carl spun swiftly while bringing his blade down, catching some Abhorian fingers beneath its sharpness. With a roar the Abhorian pulled back and swiped it's other arm toward Carl.

Carl moved like nothing human I could remember. He ducked beneath the Abhorian's arm and swung the blade toward the Abhorian's middle. The sword came so close that the Abhorian reacted as though he'd been hit.

Something was wrong here. Humans don't move like that, not without help, and there was only one other being here capable of giving that kind of help. I closed my eyes and saw the line of power flowing from Carl to somewhere behind me. The sprite.

Everything happened at once. The Abhorian drew his arm back for a hit that would knock any human silly. I grabbed my blade and severed the connection between the sprite and Carl, and turned to face Melissa. The Abhorian swung his arm forward and without the sprite's cursed power Carl couldn't get out of the way.

"What?! Are you trying to kill him?!", Melissa seemed more mad at the fact that her connection was gone than the fact that Carl's life was now in danger.

"Quit the lies, you rotten sprite. You have some kind of plan for this human. Your kind always used humans against their will.", I pointed my blade at her.

Behind me I could hear Carl's grunts as he did his best to avoid the Abhorian. His exhaustion was very evident on his voice. If he could survive long enough for me to dispatch this Sprite, then I could help.

Melissa gave a smile coated with evil sweetness, "You angels and your stupid, honorable natures. Can't watch your precious humans die, can you? You have to get involved. Well, you're the last of your kind, deary. They've all died. It's sad . . . "

Melissa sparked a purplish blue, giving her an even more sinister appearance, "It's sad that today the last of the angels fall!"

Then she attacked.

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