Writer: Timothy Dumont Jr.
Co-writer: Crystal Ferguson

Monday, April 12, 2010

Entry 98: Two Worlds, One Pain -Crystal-

As my body hit the ground, I felt sorry I had decided to come looking for Nick. Did I really need to find him? I didn't seem to have any other issues except the unusual intelligence that I've gained. I could have just stayed with the guys and been happy. I was happy there.

I couldn't stop myself from rolling in the wall surrounding the grounds. I looked over to Saba as she brought herself in to close quarters with the other Saba. The Saba I'd come here with was no better at fighting than I was, so when she was pushed back I wasn't surprised. Saba slammed in to the wall next to me and I could hear her groan as she slumped to the ground.

She and I came from two different worlds. I had been raised by my Father to be a good girl, she just wanted everything to die. Yet, here we are, both on the ground feeling as though we'd just been hit by a truck. Funny how it didn't matter what worlds we'd come from; the pain was the same.

"Do you both give up? Seems you both can't back up your words. Oh well, you'll be dead in a few minutes.", new Saba points at old Saba, "You for existing.", she points to me, "And you for helping a failure like her."

Why did that make me mad? Had me and the Saba I knew come to understand each other better? What ever the reason, I couldn't let her do that. I hated confrontation, but how could I stand by and let her insult Saba like that? Using the wall as a brace, I pulled myself to my feet.

"What? You're angry? You actually care for that waste of space?" The more she talked, the madder I got.


Something in me had snapped and silence filled the yard.

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