Writer: Timothy Dumont Jr.
Co-writer: Crystal Ferguson

Friday, May 27, 2011

[NEWS] A helpful post for all those who might be a little confused

The story has been very confusing and a little vague lately, so to help those who are confused I've decided to sum up the case so far.

Upon arriving at the museum, things quickly spiraled out of control. The Door of the Dead grew in power quickly and began to manifest people's fears. Andrew, a fear of Vincent's, showed up vowing to get vengeance for his murder by hurting each of his new found friends. During the turmoil of Christina's awakening, Andrew kidnapped Ben and put him into a situation where he was forced to kill a child. Saba saved Ben from going down the path she did by murdering Andrew for him.

The power of the door continued to grow as Abhorians showed up, one nearly swallowing Crystal. Crystal was saved by Nick, who was accompanied by Will, a nosy reporter with a past tied to Patrick Bernauw.

Alice, the child Ben killed, was brought back as a ghost by Patrick who told her that she was the key to saving everyone. Alice is conflicted between helping Ben, her murderer, or helping all the people in the museum, many of them being her cruel classmates.

At this point the Door had grown in power enough to emit a bright light trapping everyone into their worst fear or most feared memory. Alice, being dead, was unaffected and watched as Bob, the God of Fear, was released from the captivity of the door. Bob is searching for something called the anomaly and orders all the people within the museum to be killed to stop the anomaly from hurting his plans.

Bob notices Alice and talks to her for a bit before realizing why she's here.

Bob was angered by Patrick's interference and sent her into one of the trapped people's torments. What he didn't realize is that Alice was sent into Ben's torment, where she helps him escape. We left off with Ben and Alice waking up in the middle of the Abhorian slaughtering the other guests of the museum.

I hope that helped and if not than I apologize. I didn't fit all the information into the summary, but I fit enough so that you can get an idea of where everything is at the moment. Everyone but Ben and Alice are stuck within their fear/memory prisons.

I wonder how they'll escape this.

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